Love is all – Roger Glover

CAPO : non
RYTHME : Ca dépend, voir vidéo… facile en tout cas.

Intro couplets et refrain : C – G – F – Am – D – b – E – A – Bm


(on donne ce qu'on veut/peut...)

Diagramme des accords


Intro [B] [E] [A] [D]


[C]Everybody’s got to [G]live to[C]gether [F]

[C]All the [G]people got to [C[Under[F]stand

[C]So, love your [G]neighbor Like you [C]love your [F]brother

[G]Come on and join the band


[C]Well, all you[G] need is love and [C]unde[F]rstanding

[C]Ring the [G]bell and let the [C]people [F]know

[C]We’re so [G]happy and we’re [C]cele[F]bratin’

[G]Come on and let your feelings show


Love is [Am]all, well love is [D]all,

Love is [G]all, can’t you hear the [C]call

Oh, [Am]love is all you need Love is [D]all you [G]need

at the Butterfly [C]Ball


[B] [E] [A] [D]


Ain’t you happy that we’re all together

At the ball in nature’s countryside

And although we’re wearing different faces

Nobody wants to hide

Love is all and all is love

and It’s easy, yes it’s so easy

At the Butterfly Ball where love is all

And it’s so easy


[Bm] [E] [A] [D] (x4)


All you need is love and understanding

Hey, ring the bell and let the people know

We’re so happy and we’re celebratin’

Let your feelings show


Love is all, yes love is all at the Butterfly Ball

Love is big, love is small Love is free,

love is all At the Butterfly Ball


When you back’s to the wall

When you’re starting to fall

You got something to lean on

Love is everything It can make you sing

at the Butterfly Ball Love is all,

I say love is all, yes love is all

At the Butterfly Ball


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